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Why Meditate?
By Chris Joscelyne

From the mid 1970's I was a typical workaholic, aggressively pursuing a successful career in radio broadcasting. Despite escaping my work environment by contributing as a Past-president of my local Rotary Club, spending recreation hours as a glider pilot, racquetball player and wine and food aficionado, I did not have a balanced life. I lacked inner peace and real happiness.

I believed my driven commitment to my career was to provide the essentials of life for my wife and my four children. As my career advanced, so I had resources to provide a comfortable home and expensive private school educations for my children. The problem was that I was not devoting the quality time and energy to them that they deserved. I was so busy being busy I was losing touch with a quality life.

Like many type A personality workaholics, eventually I became stressed and dissatisfied with my world. Fortunately, through the unconditional love and nurturing encouragement of my wife, I embarked on a journey of personal discovery. This led me to study meditation techniques, stress management skills and personal awareness.

Meditation is an effective method by which to clear the mind and focus on what is important in life. It is easy to do, gets easier with practice, and it allows the mind to concentrate on and accept positive affirmations.

I meditate for 20 minutes once a day. For me it is personal prime time that helps me relax, let go of negative stress, refreshes my inner self and expands my creative ability. Because life patterns reflect thought patterns, meditation gives me the opportunity to focus my thoughts and follow a Positive Path.

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