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Wake 'em Up! Business Presentations
Tom Antion

Speaking expert, Tom Antion, has written a book packed with hints, tips and common sense suggestions on how to become proficient as a public speaker. This is the ideal self-help book for anyone wanting to speak effectively. The 19 chapters of Wake 'em Up provide a wealth of tested ideas:

  • Over 1000 advanced speaking tips and techniques 
  • Effective Seating Methods . . . Easy to use diagrams. 
  • Professional Level Introductions . . . Advanced template. You fill in the blanks. 
  • Wake 'em Up Openings . . . 4 types of formula openings so you'll always have a variety. 
  • Instantly Usable Speaker Material 
  • Attention Gaining Devices . . . These 11 simple techniques keep audiences interested 
  • Speaking Formulas . . . No need to develop material. Just fill in the blanks. 
  • Hard Hitting Closings . . . Designed to leave a lasting impression 
  • Material Selection . . . Learn how to make appropriate choices to suit any audience. 
  • Many Delivery Tips . . . More than we have seen in any other presentation skills book. 
  • 51 Stage Fright Strategies . . . Simply pick the mix that calms you down. 
  • Timing . . . Learn the secrets of knowing when to pause. 
  • Humour Placement . . . Where does it go? When should humour be used? 
  • Genius Microphone Techniques . . . Powerful tips and hits 
  • Saver Lines . . . Learn what to say to turn a turkey into a swan. 
  • 100 Pre-planned Ad-libs . . . You'll look like a quick wit when you use these lines. 
  • Stage Movement . . . How to create a strong stage presence. 
  • Clothing Tips . . . What works in the spotlight, and what doesn't work. 
  • 6 Involvement Techniques . . . Audiences demand it . . . now you have lots of ways to deliver it. 
  • Emotional Language . . . Learn how to pick your words to push their buttons. 
  • Practice Techniques . . . Fantastic tricks that make you look smooth 
  • 34 Ways to Be Funny . . . Only 1 has anything to do with joke telling. 
  • Storytelling . . . Learn how to paint pictures in the audiences member's minds . . . 27 do's and don'ts tell you how. 
  • Sources and Organization of Material . . . Arrange content fast with these handy tips. 
  • Audio Visual Equipment . . . How to get the most out sound and vision

Comments about the book:

In my 25 years with Marriott, I have seen countless presentations from all types of potential vendors, executives and trainers. If these people had used Tom's book 'Wake 'em Up' as their guide, their presentations would have made a bigger impact on me. 
Roger J. Dow, Vice President, General Sales Manager, Marriott Lodging

Las Vegas, the Community of the Future was built on excitement. To help people in your community or organization create dreams and visions of a better tomorrow you must be able to instil the same kind of excitement in them. Tom's book 'Wake 'em Up' teaches the art and science of doing just that. His tips have helped me enormously. 
John O'Reilly, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Greater Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce

If you would like more information about Wake 'em Up, or about Tom Antion's speaking training on video, click HERE.

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