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Losing Weight 1 Habit at a Time
Laura Burkey

Tele-Program for Weight-Loss

10-week program with Coach Laura Burkey
(Includes: Book, 8 group sessions, 2 private one-to-one sessions)

New groups starting Monthly
(8 spaces per group)

This is a 10-week weight-loss coaching program for women who want to lose weight safely, consistently, and with long-term results.

After conquering this battle myself, I have since helped hundreds of women change their eating and exercise habits just as I did…one habit at a time.

Losing Weight 1 habit at a time is a no-nonsense approach that honors the timeless truths about our bodies and our minds and will finally put you back in control of your eating and exercise choices.

If you are serious about changing your eating and exercise habits, and you are looking for weight loss as the natural consequence, benefit, or reward for doing so, this program is for you.

To sign up for “Losing Weight 1 Habit at a Time” or for more details, please email Laura at coach@lauraburkeycoaching.com

Cost per person:
$200 US dollars
$365 Australian dollars
£138 Pounds sterling
€221 Euros

All sessions are conducted in English language.

Sign up with a friend and you both will receive 50% off your enrollment fee.

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