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This section features publications, seminars, workshops, speakers and products focussing on personal development, performance improvement, team building and success.

We update regularly so please visit often to see if there are any resources that interest you.

The items included in this section are provided as a starting point from which you can make your own enquiries.

Interested in positive publications?
Take Time for Your Life - Cheryl Richardson
Organising From the Inside Out - Julie Morgenstern
Success Digest - Michael Angier
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People - Stephen Covey
Maximum Achievement - Brian Tracy

Interested in positive products & services?
Losing Weight 1 Habit at a Time - Laura Burkey
SelfGrowth.com - David and Michelle Riklan
Wake 'em Up! Business Presentations - Tom Antion

Looking for a positive speaker?
Chris Joscelyne
Robyn Pearce
Matt Church
Sarah Cornally
Catherine Palin-Brinkworth
Michael Kelly
Candy Tymson
Walter Dickman
Robyn Henderson
Catherine DeVrye
Michael Grose

Looking for positive audio and video?
Positive Path Meditation CD
Positive Path Relaxation Sounds CD

Positive Resources are listed to provide ideas for our visitors. Positive Path Network makes no representations whatsoever about the books, publications, seminars, speakers and other resources as they are provided by third parties who are independent from Positive Path Network. For this reason we cannot endorse or accept responsibility for content.

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