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SPEAKER: Michael Kelly APS

Michael is an author, publisher, media commentator, keynote speaker and seminar leader.

Speaking topics:

  • Communications 
  • Sales
  • Management 
  • Business
  • Personal Development 
  • Telemarketing

Michael Kelly has a clear insight into powerful speaking and listening techniques to help his clients keep winning more business and achieving fresh results in their careers.

Michael is a professional speaker, seminar leader, media commentator and author/publisher with a Master of Science degree in speech pathology.

His popular programmes include ... 'Listen and PROFIT' ... 'How to THINK and speak on your feet'... 'Voice Language'. . .'How to SELL MORE face to face appointments' . . . 'Presentation Credibility'. . . SUCCESSFUL speaking & listening across cultures'. Behaviour change systems are a feature of Michael's programmes and include a free 12-month added-value consultancy package.

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