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Once thought of by Westerners as some kind of mystical ritual of Eastern cultures, meditation is now accepted as a mainstream technique for relaxation, increased awareness, mental focus, and a sense of calm and peace. During meditation, concentration is directed to a sound, a word, an image, or one's breath to create a tranquil state of clarity.

About the author: Chris Joscelyne trained as a clinical hypnotherapist under the tutorage of Margaret Tomko. He was taught grief counselling by Mal McKissock, and he learned meditation in a course sponsored by the Department of Health. He developed his personal awareness knowledge with mentors Barbara and Terry Tebo of Lifespring. 

For ten years Chris was a visiting lecturer at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School where he taught personal development, meditation and stress management skills. Now he shares his knowledge with a wider community as a speaker, trainer and coach, teaching people how to live "Life by choice - not by chance".

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