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SPEAKER: Matt Church CSP

Matt is a powerful motivation and lifestyle speaker. He combines the science of the body with the science of the mind to inspire audiences. He teaches on communication, motivation, and health. Matt's style is warm, uplifting and humorous. His presentations are well researched with fresh and stimulating ideas that are practical and motivational.

Speaking topics:

  • Lifestyle 
  • Stress
  • Motivation
  • Self Esteem 
  • Health/Nutrition 
  • Success

Matt Church speaks, writes and teaches about 'Quality of life'. For ten years he has helped people navigate the tension between where they are in their life and where they want to be. He blends an academic background in applied science and human performance to tap into what it is that stops us living the professional and personal lives we deserve.

People listen to Matt because he sets goals that are realistic and teaches how to take even more control over your life. You will leave a session informed, entertained and inspired that you can do it!

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