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Turning Dreams into Reality
By Sarah Cornally

Have you ever stopped to think how amazing the human mind is? If you look at all the things that creative minds have conceived and then through personal effort have brought into existence, you begin to realise the possibilities are endless.

Have you ever marvelled at the passionate commitment some people have to their goals and nothing gets in their way? Have you ever watched that passion lead people astray, where they lose sight of their goal? How do we know when we are on the right track or when we have lost our way? What do wise people do to keep things in balance so their purpose is achieved?

Many people frustrate themselves in their pursuit of their goals because they have a blind spot about something or they don't know what they don't know. Our mind is quite capable of blocking things out from our perception if it is too uncomfortable for us to see it. When people are in traumatic accidents their mind blocks out anything they can't cope with. We can get so carried away with our idea that we lose sight of reality.

This is why it is wise to find your best unreasonable friend. This is someone who will tell you the truth as they see it. They will do it in such a way as you can hear and trust what they are saying even though you don't like it. You know they have your best interest at heart. They are likely to be someone who is insightful, non-judgemental and respected for being objective about things.

When you are pursuing a goal it is smart to get advice or insights from people who have had experience with what you are doing. It is helpful to talk to people who have succeeded and ask them the lessons they learnt from the experience. People who have not succeeded can also be helpful in giving the benefits of their hindsight. It is important to listen to what they have to say, so often we reject this information thinking we will do it differently or better. Look for the wisdom in their experience and use it for your benefit.

A well-chosen mentor is a great asset. This is someone who will act as a sounding board to help you think things through so you can make well-considered decisions and choices. A mentor should have both the qualities of a best unreasonable friend and experience with what you want to achieve. Some people choose to have a board of advisers so they have a number of people to assist them.

If you understand the process of achieving goals you will recognise that it involves resistance, challenges distractions and hurdles. For this reason you need people around you who will keep you focussed, encourage you and support your quest. People who will help you see things as they really are so you make wise decisions that will lead you to your goal. You need people around you who are uplifting and believe in the capacity for people to achieve great things.

People who create inspiring achievements surround themselves with great mentors and unreasonable friends. It's the result of that exquisite balance of imagination, passion and reality.

About the author: Sarah Cornally trained as an Occupational Therapist. With17 years experience she specialised in Occupational Rehabilitation & Injury Prevention. For 20 years she has consulted to government, industry & commerce on how to achieve outcomes through people. Her clients include the Who's Who of business. She has presented on many leadership programs including St James Ethics Centre's Sir Vincent Fairfax leadership awards program. Her business, Leading People, advises and coaches leaders on how to shape people's performance to turn their visions into reality. She is National President of the National Speakers Association of Australia (2000-2002). Visit http://www.sarahcornally.com for more information. 

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