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Key Points for Effective Meetings
By Robyn Pearce

A huge amount of money and time is wasted with unproductive and poorly run meetings, and yet they fill a vital role in modern communication. What are the 'big picture' key points?

Do you really need a meeting? Is there some other more efficient way to reach the decision needed; a more efficient way to pass on the information you're there to share?

Even if some of you need to be there, do you all need to be? Have you ever counted up the salary cost of a roomful of senior executives?

Have an agenda, which everyone should be able to contribute to - circulated at least a few days before the meeting. Benefit - No hidden surprises, no sudden dumping of issues.

Stick to the agenda. If other issues are thrown in, and are relevant, ask for them to be held until General Business.

Place the most important items at the top of the agenda. Benefit - if someone has to leave early, the critical items have been discussed.

Get closure on each item, if at all possible. What's the point of having another meeting if agreement can be reached now? At the very least, make sure there is SOME progress.

Distribute minutes straight after the meeting - saves confusion over who is doing what.

Don't moan about poorly run meetings - do something. If meetings you attend are not well run, what are you doing about it? Bring it up as an agenda item. 

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