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Tell it as it is - the speed of change when we speak from the heart
By Robyn Pearce

Every choice affects our productivity 
The choices we make every day have an all-pervasive impact on the life we lead. Everything we think, say and do has the possibility to impact our productivity in some profound way.

An example of courage 
A few months ago I attended the annual conference of the National Speakers Association of Australia. Almost all of us professional speakers ourselves, we bathed in a sensory feast of wonderful speakers from around the world. From session after session we walked away, senses reeling, going 'wow'.

We learnt management lessons from lion prides in Africa, portrayed brilliantly, in sound, action, pictures and words by South African gamekeeper Ian Schubach.

Laurie Lawrence, one of Australia's top swimming coaches, carried the Olympic torch and Olympic pride right into our hearts.

Australian David McNally, CEO of a very successful speaking and management business in Philadelphia, USA, had us soaring with the eagles.

However, the speaker that packed the greatest wallop was Lisa McInnes-Smith, one of Australia's top woman speakers and a regular on international platforms. For the first time in such a forum, she shared an intensely personal struggle that her family had gone through over the previous 2 years. I'm not going to tell you what she shared - that's Lisa's story, and maybe one day you'll be lucky enough to hear it from her. It's the impact of that message that I want to highlight, and the power of courage and truth to accelerate change. And anything that can accelerate positive change has to be an effective time management tool.

Lisa's a delightful woman. Her beautiful spirit flows out to all she meets. She and her husband are committed Christians. Because of her career as a high-profile writer and speaker around the globe, their family is very much in the public eye. To the outside observer it looks as if things are pretty good in their inner world. However, for nearly two years, that wasn't so. With searing honesty, no judgment, no false note of artificial disclosure, and great compassion for all concerned, Lisa opened a door to something that had dramatically impacted their family life.

She spoke from the heart. We listened. We wept with her. We rejoiced in the overcoming of their challenge. And with the speed of an arrow, her message went straight to our hearts - to confront the hard things we come across in our lives; to clutch the nettle; to go beyond the boundaries.

How to avoid consuming time 
As we skirt around the corners of an issue, be it work or personal, we consume time. We waste hours agonising. Our minds are clouded. Our energy becomes sluggish. We become less effective, in all ways.

Whenever you find yourself feeling churned up about something, whenever you notice that your energy is depleted when it should be buoyant, try to mentally step back for a few minutes. Ask yourself, 'What's causing this whirlpool of discomfort, this grey cloud of unease?'

The quality of the question determines the quality of the answer - if you've asked sincerely, and you've asked the right question, your answer always comes!

Don't waste time on avoidance 
Sometimes, when I run this process on myself, I don't like the answer. If you're the same, you might like to try a wonderful phrase I first heard years ago. It really helps propel me into action. I say to myself, as if it were a mantra - 'Action conquers fear'.

What is going on in your life right now? Is there something hard you're putting off? Are you tempted to avoid speaking the truth, in case it's too painful?

Avoidance is a hugely time-wasting behaviour. So, where do we start to conquer this habit, for it is a habit with many people. You may find a clue, or inspiration, from a book, a chance conversation, some little thing that slips past your eyes and ears with the softness of petal fall. When we become open to resolving problems, the solutions present themselves.

At some time in the life of a problem, the season for confronting it will come, as it did with Lisa and her family. Listen to your intuition - and act. Often it requires an apology, or a request for forgiveness. As we make ourselves vulnerable, we disarm the people we've hurt.

You'll save time, lift your energy, and extend your life. Truth and courage are power rockets to new frontiers.

"You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face" - Eleanor Roosevelt

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