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Improve Your Presentation Credibility
By Michael Kelly

Your personal presentation skills are crucial for success in your work and away from work life. Lack of presentation credibility can undermine an otherwise sound and solid proposal or idea.

Here are three suggest to help you present with credibility.

1. Understand the Mind and Mood of your audience and Result you want.

To help you understand the mind and mood of your audience, ask yourself questions such as: 

  • Who are they and what do I know about them? 
  • Who can help me find out more information about them? 
  • What should be presented and how should I present and Why?
  • What shouldn't be said? Can any information be shortened, changed, omitted?

For the Result, ask yourself, what do I want people thinking, feeling or doing at the end of my presentation.

2. Open and close powerfully. When people see a speaker standing up to speak in the front of a room, one question that might go through their minds is 'Why should I listen to you?' That's why it's important to give them a reason to listen right at the beginning. Eighty percent of what your audience will remember will be your opening and closing. 
Here are some tips on opening and closing. 

  • Open with words that project the listener into the future, such as 'If, imagine, picture, until, whether' For example, "Imagine you could be such a powerful presenter that people would see it as their mission to get other people to listen to you." 
  • Guessing can be a good way to open a presentation. 
  • Begin with a startling fact. 


  • Use a powerful poem. 
  • Use movement, interaction and props. 
  • Revisit your opening comments.

3. Visual + Vocal + Verbal = Believable 
The Visual is your body language. Occupy more space when you're up in front of the room. Have larger gestures and facial expressions. The Vocal is your voice. Introduce variety into your voice in the areas of loudness, speed and pitch. The Verbal is the words. Use shorter sentences. Metaphors and analogies will contribute to making your presentation memorable. 

About the author: Michael Kelly teaches “Speak & Listen for New Results”. He is a media commentator, keynote speaker and seminar leader.  Delighted blue chip corporate clients including Icon Recruitment, Credit Suisse, First Boston and Pfizer. Michael is the director of Kelly Speech Communication. He has a clear insight into powerful speaking and listening techniques – to help his clients keep on winning more business and achieving fresh results in their careers and their lives. Visit http://www.kellyspeech.com.au for more information.

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