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No More Struggle
By Michael Angier

I've worked hard throughout much of my life. I still work hard and I like doing so.

What I don't like is struggle. And I've done that, too.

Working diligently at something we're excited about doesn't seem all that hard. When we're confident that what we're doing matters and we're making noticeable progress, it rarely seems like hard work.

Struggle, on the other hand, feels totally different.

Struggle is when you aren't making any progress, or can't SEE any progress.

Struggle is when you get frustrated and have doubts about what you're doing, or how you're doing it.

The trick is to notice when you're in struggle and then make the mental and emotional shift out of it.

Highly successful people still have their challenges. They still face roadblocks and sometimes even experience struggle. They just don't stay there.

They have a different attitude. They have more optimism and choose better strategies. They have confidence in themselves and in what they're doing.

Here are seven steps to stay out of struggle and in the flow of success:

  1. Become and remain clear about what you want and why

  2. Keep focused on intended results

  3. Be willing to change what's not working and keep doing what IS working

  4. Have a sense of urgency but also be patient with yourself and others

  5. Use obstacles and difficulties as learning guides …chances to grow stronger and better

  6. Stay the course. Persist until you break through

  7. Appreciate the fact you have the freedom and opportunity to pursue your dreams

Recommendation: Determine Your Priorities … a simple yet powerful tool to help you get a handle on the many important choices you make in your life.

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