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Living with Purpose Now a worksheet
By Laura Burkey

As you answer the questions from this worksheet it is imperative that you NOT censor yourself or hold back on writing down any goal, dream or wish.

This worksheet is not designed to become a 'to do' list for you, nor are you to feel obligated to fulfill any thing listed here. The purpose of this worksheet is for you to capture a better view of all that is interesting to you (and possible for you) to experience or have in your lifetime. That's all - so give yourself time to dream, and have fun!

  • 5 Things I value most right now. (i.e. community, honesty, justice, time with family, personal organization, etc.)
  • 5 things I need most to improve my life today:
    • At home I need: 
    • At work I need:
    • From myself I need:
    • For my health I need:
  • 5 important things I can accomplish in the next 12 months.
  • 5 places I would love to see or visit within the next 3 years.
  • 5 important decisions I am ready to make about myself and/or my life right now - today! (Be very, very, very specific - you may want to answer this one last.)
  • 10 things I am most proud of about myself and/or my life to date.
  • The types of people I feel my best around and would do well to surround myself with
  • What I believe I am here to accomplish (or contribute) to the world. (Think broader than career related ideas only - Respond in 20 words or less!)
  • What matters to me most in my life. (Do not leave blank, if you are not 100% sure, write down what you think it might be)
  • The top 5 behaviors, traits, or qualities I will leave this world being known for in my lifetime.
  • This year, how I rank the following in order of priority:

_____ Family 
_____ Professional Career 
_____ Financial Independence and/or Security 
_____ Health, well-being and peace of mind 
_____ Spiritual connected-ness and/or Religious faith 
_____ Friends/Community

Bravo to you - you made it through the worksheet! Now, keep your answers close to you as they will remind and motivate you toward what is most important to you this year.

About the author: Laura Burkey coaches her clients to get the results they want! Read more at www.lauraburkeycoaching.com Ms. Burkey is so committed to the work she does for her clients that she founded the Coach Master Skill Group www.coachmasterskillgroup.com an organization committed to on-going skill practice and development for professional coaches dedicated to coaching mastery. Ms. Burkey is available for individual, group, and corporate coaching. Workshops and speaking engagements available on a limited basis.

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