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Failure is Learning, misspelled.
In other words, "There is no such thing as failure"
By Laura Burkey

Is it not TRUE that …

When a 1 year old falls after attempting her first few steps we call it learning, not failing, to walk?

When a 5 year old falls off his bike we call it learning, not failing, to ride a bike?


When a 20 year old doesn't get that first professional job he interviewed for, we call it learning, not failing, about life in 'the real world'.

So, as you and I continue to progress forward in our life and stumble here or fall down there…. Isn't it that we too are still and always, just learning (not failing) to know, do, and be what we wish most for ourselves? 

* * * * * * * * 

Equipped with this new definition and understanding of what failure really is: (learning, misspelled) - Think of an example of something you have avoided doing or trying, because you were afraid of failure?

Take this one client's Example: - I am afraid to speak in public because I might look, say, or do something stupid and thus fail miserably at my dream to be a respected and world renowned speaker.

My client gave up her old definition of failure (which had made her powerless) and approaches every opportunity now as curious student (giving her power to learn, grow and excel at the things she desires).

I asked my client to re-write her fear of failing statement - as a "wish to learning statement":

Here's what she wrote: "I wish to learn how to speak effectively and profoundly in public (and to all different types of groups) with ease, warmth, and grace, so that I can help people all over the world!!"

Looking at her goal in this light ….She keeps her focus and energy clear on what is most important to her (speaking really well) and not on what she doesn't want (deciding she is not cut out to pursue her biggest dream).

In fact, the fear of failing no longer stops my client from doing anything, because failing isn't even an option to her. She instead shows up to all her speaking opportunities curious of what new things she will learn and discover on how to deliver public speeches with ease, warmth, and grace.

When you decide to spell failure as: L-E-A-R-N-I-N-G, you too can look forward to a new kind of confidence and fearless-ness swelling inside you. 

So begin now and enjoy the courage you have been longing for, and counting on, to pursue and live all the dreams you have for yourself and your life. 

Learning Guaranteed!!

About the author: Laura Burkey coaches her clients to get the results they want! Read more at www.lauraburkeycoaching.com Ms. Burkey is so committed to the work she does for her clients that she founded the Coach Master Skill Group www.coachmasterskillgroup.com an organization committed to on-going skill practice and development for professional coaches dedicated to coaching mastery. Ms. Burkey is available for individual, group, and corporate coaching. Workshops and speaking engagements available on a limited basis.

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