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The Top 10 Tips to Succeed any Goal
By Laura Burkey

For those who dream up more goals than they accomplish! Here are 10 helpful tips certain to deliver more movement and success when it comes to accomplishing your goals.

1. Take 20!
Take 20 minutes to sit down and write - 'what' you want and 'why'! (The more time you invest in this simple task the greater your return of success - period!)

2. Tell someone you trust
Tell someone who cares about your success and will support you.

3. Mark your deadline
A firm deadline is a smart deadline. It heightens your focus, motivation, and commitment to getting the work done now (vs. never).

4. Ditch it
Make this deal with yourself: If you don't accomplish the goal by your stated deadline (or take at least one dramatic step toward this goal within 3-months)...ditch it. It is clearly not compelling enough or important enough to you right now and will only zap energy better used for something else.

5. Affirm it!
Affirmations work! They shift your perspective and expand your 'possibility thinking.' Create one that feels absolutely incredible to say out loud.

6. Track it
Daily or weekly, track every action you've taken towards your goal. This is a no-fail approach to knowing what's working, what isn't and what's left to do.

7. Take One-A-Day
Take an action (however big or small) EVERY single day that supports your goal -- until you reach it!

8. Try, Try, Try...
Try every idea, hunch and 'what if.' You'll always get something for something.....but rarely something from nothing.

9. Give yourself Permission
There is Power in Permission! Give yourself permission to flub up, to take a break, to over-succeed, to learn the hard way, fast way, or slow way. Permission liberates, energizes, inspires and empowers.

10. Get a coach!
Your Goals are the very reason we exist!

About the author: Laura Burkey coaches her clients to get the results they want! Read more at www.lauraburkeycoaching.com Ms. Burkey is so committed to the work she does for her clients that she founded the Coach Master Skill Group www.coachmasterskillgroup.com an organization committed to on-going skill practice and development for professional coaches dedicated to coaching mastery. Ms. Burkey is available for individual, group, and corporate coaching. Workshops and speaking engagements available on a limited basis.

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