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You ARE good at change
By Karen Schmidt

Change . . . it’s a word that seems to strike fear into the hearts of most employees. Whether its new technology, restructuring, mergers, downsizing, they all mean one thing – we have to change, again. For many people it’s almost as though they have to complain about change. You wouldn’t want to be seen to endorse it because then management might give you more of it! So they spend lots of time resisting.

All this resistance to change is unnecessary and energy sapping. Imagine if you could channel all the energy you put into complaining about change at work and use it to your advantage.

Sure, workplace change is stressful but let’s keep it in proportion. The truth is human beings are the masters of change. We’ve been doing it for centuries. We have been forced to change for many reasons . . . the industrial revolution, World Wars, technology, even climate change. People as a whole are good at overcoming difficulty and adapting to suit their environment.

On a personal level, each of us is experienced at change. Just look at your life, especially the first few years when you changed from crawling to walking, when you started talking instead of crying. Then there are the everyday changes like moving house, getting married and having children. People seem able to adapt to these changes but ask them to do a similar thing at work and they claim it’s too hard.

So what can you learn from these past changes that can help you to deal with change at work? When analysing a past change it is important to look at all aspects of the situation to gather information to help you in the future. There are a number of questions you should ask yourself. Consider the following:

• Why did it happen?
• How did I feel about it at the time?
• How do I feel about it now?
• How did other people feel about it?
• How did it affect me?
• What were the advantages and disadvantages it?
• Was it successful?
• If it wasn't successful, why?
• What did I find easiest or most challenging about it?
• What did I learn from the experience?
• What would I do differently next time?

Remember, you are good at change . . . look at all the personal experience you’ve had. You just need to remind yourself of all the past experience you’ve had and find a way to apply it to change at work.

About the Author: Karen Schmidt is an award winning professional speaker, workshop leader and author who is on a mission to create fresh workplace attitudes that help people and organisations grow!. Karen believes you can increase productivity and bottom line results if your people have the right attitude in 5 key areas of: work, change, customers, people and managing. To find out more visit

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