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Do You Know what to Do?
By Beth Burns

”One's deep intuition is an infallible guide to purpose and accomplishment.”
Willis Harman

OK, so I was chatting with my coach (Yes, coaches have coaches too!) and we were having one of those "aha" coaching conversations. I was lamenting over how busy my life was and how many obligations I had. You know, stuff to do! There's always stuff to do, isn’t there? I am sure you can just hear me now, "I have to do this ... and I have to do this, and this and this ..............." Clearly, I was in "stress mode." Not attractive.

So, Marsha, the wise, wonderful, womanly coach, says to me in her quiet, demure voice, "Beth, instead of all the things that you HAVE to do, what is it that you KNOW to do?" Ahhhhhhhh. This is a light-bulb moment for me as I am reminded of why we have coaches in the first place.

What is it that you KNOW to do? That's an interesting question. When we say we KNOW to do something, aren't we really just empowering ourselves to be authentic? Aren't we, in fact, letting "our conscience be our guide?"

Consider the following:

I "have" to work late versus I "know" to go home and be with my family.
I "have" to respond to win versus I "know" to respond with compassion. I "have" to have a new outfit versus I "know" the clothes I have are fine.
I "have" to do it all myself versus I "know" I need to delegate.
I "have" to have a perfect house versus I "know" I should play with my kids.
I "have" to make an impression versus I "know" I am enough already.

When we operate from the place of all the things we "have" to do, we are dishonoring that part of ourselves that whispers softly in our ear, "Listen to me … I know what is best for you." When we focus on the "have to items," we are focused on image and those things that are outside of us.

Doing the things we "know" to do allows us to fully express ourselves. It allows our intuition to be our guide and teacher. What you "know" to do contributes most to your life and to your future.

Give this a try. The next time you are stressing out over more things than you care to juggle, simply get quiet and ask yourself, "What is it that I KNOW to do here?" Whatever comes up for you will say a lot about who you are and will guide you to your priorities. Follow your heart!

About the author: Beth Burns is a Professional Life Coach -- partnering with motivated people on their personal and professional goals. Her mission is to teach people to love themselves and to love the life they create. She offers two free email newsletters and can be visited on the web at www.BrightSideCoaching.com  She can also be reached by email at Beth@BrightSideCoaching.com


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