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SPEAKER: Chris Joscelyne ASM
Certified Practising Marketer

When Chris Joscelyne speaks, people listen, laugh and learn. His "positive path" method improves personal performance, boosts confidence, reduces stress and creates a "can do" team environment.

Speaking topics:

  • Performance Improvement
  • Personal Development
  • Motivation
  • Success
  • Sales
  • Teamwork/Teambuilding

Chris Joscelyne, founder of the Positive Path Network, is a dynamic and highly experienced speaker and performance coach. His approach to team performance improvement is based on the need for each team member to adopt a clear "positive path" of personal planning and productivity. 

Chris gives his audiences a real boost with practical ideas and simple rules that can lead to greater success, less stress and more personal satisfaction. 

  • 8 categories for setting positive goals 
  • 5 fast ways to conquer procrastination 
  • 7 effective tools for time management 
  • 8 proven ideas for stress management 
  • 7 powerful skills for communication 
  • 5 smart methods to boost sales 

Chris will customise his presentation to match your requirements.

Use our INQUIRY FORM for more details on his speaking program.

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