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SPEAKER: Catherine Palin-Brinkworth CSP

Catherine is a powerful, inspirational presenter with practical and proven success skills and strategies. A speaker who's really been there and made it happen, Catherine delivers high value content with a unique and dynamic style. Her audience response is outstanding, and her clients book her repeatedly, for the impact and the results she creates. 

Speaking topics: 

  • Leadership
  • Management 
  • Motivation 
  • Performance Improvement 
  • Sales 
  • Success 

Catherine's corporate history managing high performing sales teams in a tough environment, her background in national and international leadership, and a decade of expert business consulting provide a speaker who knows her stuff - and delivers it professionally! 

She's high energy, motivational, warm and powerful, with amazing audience response and involvement. 

  • Australian President NSAA 1993-95
  • Named Consummate Speaker of the Year by a leading bureau 1995 
  • Nevin Award winner 1996 

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